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I’m just fucking pissed

Empty motherfucking promises. That’s what WE run on. WE believe the lies that are fed to us. WE get strung along on so much bullshit that we begin to like the smell of it. WE can’t tell bullshit from good shit. What’s good shit? Who the fuck knows, I’ve been raised on bullshit. Will I even like the good shit? Humans are creatures of habit. Do WE keep it this way because this is all WE know. All WE’VE been told. Is it wrong to want more? To want better? To want earth that is fertile and skies that are kind. Where the sun shines on everyone and not just the same motherfucking few.

WE can’t say anything. WE can’t verbalize, can’t raise concerns. WE don’t know anything, right? I mean what the fuck do we know? We just live. Everyday. Ears firmly on the ground. There are no castles here. No mansions. No prime cuts of meat. Ours is a life of trying to stay in the middle. WE claw and bite and fight to stay right where WE fucking are. WE have cards to board buses and coins to make change. No money, no bus ride. No money, ask your family. No money, no empathy.

WE are constantly told by fools that THEY know better. That THEY are more aware, privy to things that our tender heads cannot hold and our ears cannot bear. THEY make decisions for ME. For WE. FOR WHAT. Who do these decisions serve? How dare THEY extend a hand, dusting off hope in even the most jaded and then guide US to an equator-length list of HOW-fucking-EVERS.

How dare THEY sit there, pockets bursting with paper drenched in power. THEY admonish US for what WE do, how WE think. Tell US to make better choices. THEY control OUR paper and so OUR power, telling US how to live better when OUR paper lines the walls of their homes, the surgical valves in their chest, the food on their expensive plates.

I’m done. I’m just fucking done. Fuck this.